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The Eagle Has Landed Fort Knocks are an astronomical amalgam of stars, space, and celestial style. The frames are a deep space blue, peppered with stars and meteors. A vintage red, cream, and blue stripe (straight out of NASA’s glory days) starts in the top left corner of the front frame, and continues onto the left arm. The right arm features an Apollo command and service module journeying towards its destination, and a sliver of moon caps the end of both arms. The lenses are the same brilliant color as (and maybe a little more vibrant than) a red giant…just polarized.

Designed on our durable and high-quality Fort Knocks frames, these sunglasses have a slightly wider fit than our other frame styles and provide full UV400 sun protection.

Every pair comes with a surface-of-the-moon microfiber protective pouch and commemorative Apollo 11 iron-on patch.

  • Limited quantity available
  • Deep space blue frame, peppered with stars and meteors
  • Vintage red, cream, and blue stripe that runs down the left of the frame
  • Polarized red giant lenses
  • Silver hardware
  • Surface-of-the-moon microfiber pouch
  • Commemorative Apollo 11 iron-on-patch
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with UV400 protection