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The Shark Week Kids Premiums feature the same graphic as the Shark Week Fort Knocks, but are a perfect fit for kids 1 to 5 years old. The front frame features a cloudy coastal blue fade that lightens slightly at the base, with the arms maintaining a consistent tone throughout. Across the brow gapes a jawful of fossilized shark’s teeth, and flanking each arm, an old school tattoo-style Great White breaches a swell of turbulent waves. Rose gold K-logos and polarized seven seas lenses give this vintage pair a final touch of oceanic awesomeness!

Designed on our durable and high-quality Kids Premiums frames, these polarized sunglasses are perfect for 1- to 5-year olds and provide full UV400 sun protection. Every pair comes with an old school Great White microfiber protective pouch and commemorative Shark Week packaging.

  • Cloudy coastal blue fade fronts
  • Across the brow gapes a jawful of fossilized shark’s teeth
  • An old school tattoo-style Great White down each arm
  • Polarized seven seas lenses
  • Rose gold K logos
  • Shark Week fin lens etch
  • Old school Great White microfiber pouch
  • Commemorative Shark Week packaging
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with UV400 protection