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We collaborated with Pacifico to discover and create the perfect pair of sunglasses reflective of our Southern California roots. Our brands both embody the spirit of the Pacific Coast lifestyle-laid-back attitude, active, optimistic, and spontaneous…and of course, we share a deep appreciation for each other’s products!

Inspired by the Pacifico story: discovered in Baja and imported by surfers, we created a very special sunglasses set with just the tools you need to quench your thirst for exploration. In fact, these tools are probably what the surfers who found Pacifico back in the early 70’s had on hand. They were in Baja looking for waves and instead found a rich, golden lager born in Mazatl n.

The Pacifico Premiums feature gradating Ocean Blue fronts (as clear as the Pacific), translucent Baja Yellow arms with a topographic print on the outside, matte Ocean Blue K logos, and polarized Coastal Sunset lenses with a life ring logo lens-etch. Designed on ‘s best-selling frame, these Premiums are form-fitting, universally flattering, and provide full UV400 sun protection.

Each set has all the tools you need to make a great discovery: an amazing pair of sunglasses packed in a Baja map box, a bottle opener (that’s also a surf wax comb), a neoprene pouch to either store your shades or chill your beer, a topographic-print sticker, and collector’s card. All of which are easy to carry when it’s time to explore-the only thing missing is a Pacifico!

  • Gradating Ocean Blue fronts as clear as the Pacific
  • Translucent Baja Yellow arms with a topographic print on the outside
  • Polarized Coastal Sunset lenses with full UV400 sun protection
  • Life ring logo lens-etch
  • Custom Baja map box
  • Neoprene pouch to either store your shades or chill your beer
  • Bottle opener / surf wax comb
  • Custom sticker and collector’s card
  • Limit 5 per order