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As Edgar Allan Poe once said, “there is no beauty without some strangeness.” The Nevermore Fort Knocks are a perfect blend of both. The front frame fades from inky black to clear crimson, outlining blood-red lenses and midnight detailing. A flurry of feathers beats down each arm, glistening like a raven’s wing bathed in moonlight. Grounded by a clear crimson base, this pair truly embodies the beauty found in darkness.

Designed on our durable and high-quality Fort Knocks frames, these sunglasses have a slightly wider fit than our other frame styles and provide full UV400 sun protection. Every pair comes with an Edgar Allan Poe microfiber protective pouch and hand-numbered edition card.

  • Inky black to clear crimson fade fronts
  • A flurry of feathers down each arm
  • Polarized blood-red lenses
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with full UV400 protection
  • Midnight hardware
  • Edgar Allan Poe microfiber pouch
  • Hand-numbered edition card