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Space. The final frontier. Probing the limitless outer reaches on the Starship , we’ve gone where no one has gone before, and now we’ve almost reached our goal but this deep-space object’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. Good thing they’ve been waiting for you all this time, in suspended animation in their hermetically-sealed antistatic pouch-pod. Time to open it and take out your Limited Edition Nebula Fort Knocks.

This is such a specialized piece of equipment that only 200 were made; and with a transparent purple frame that’s complemented by sunset lenses and silver hardware, each pair glows like a little interstellar cloud of awesome. Pop a piece of the astronaut ice cream that they came with-you’re gonna need to keep your strength up. OK. We’re going in.

  • Edition of 200
  • UV400 protection
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses
  • Hand-numbered edition card