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teamed up with another local San Diego brand, Product Etcetera, to produce these special “Bring Back the Brown II” Fort Knocks sunglasses. Conceived as a follow-up to the original Bring Back the Brown Fort Knocks, these sunglasses feature matte brown arms, frosted yellow fronts, polarized Yellow Sunset lenses, and gold metal hardware. Each pair comes with an official-size baseball, a soft flannel pouch, and a 19″ x 28″ Bring Back the Brown poster.

Product Etcetera created the BBTB campaign with the grand objective of fostering a stronger loyalty to San Diego and its sports culture. The BBTB strategy is primarily focused on establishing brown as one of the visual foundations of the San Diego Padres, as it’s unique to Major League Baseball and holds historical significance to San Diego. San Diego is the oldest European (Spanish) settlement in California and was founded by friars. Friars wore brown and our team is called the Padres. It’s that simple.

  • Edition of 450 pairs
  • Polarized Yellow Sunset lenses
  • Matte brown arms, frosted yellow frame
  • Bring Back the Brown baseball
  • 19″ x 28″ Bring Back the Brown poster
  • Hand-numbered insert card
  • Custom box
  • Limit 3 per customer