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If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a pair of my shop… but it’s time to pick up a spare. Introducing Limited Edition Bowling Premiums! You’ll be the talk of the alley wearing a pair of these, which feature frosted grey fronts, smoke lenses, and screenprinted matte white arms. The design is simple and classic, just like the game itself: just roll the ball down the lane and knock over as many pins as you can.

Each pair comes with a hand-sewn flannel Kingpin pouch, a desktop bowling set, and a custom Bowling League patch. Only 450 pairs are available, so don’t hesitate, Turkey!

  • Frosted grey fronts
  • Matte white arms with red pin stripe
  • UV400 Smoke lenses
  • Kingpin pouch
  • Desktop bowling set
  • Bowling League patch
  • Hand-numbered edition card
  • Edition of 450